Educational Assessment Analysis and Reporting
Interpreting Educational Assessment Test Results Has Never Been Easier or Less Expensive

Annual Assessment Analysis & Reporting
- Analyze and present annual assessment data in a manner that is easy to understand and explain
- Disaggregation of assessment data down to the student level facilitates meaningful, targeted curriculum planning
- Understand demographic and classroom trends
- Use benchmarks and standards to target the right resources for the right students
- Integration of short cycle test results with annual test data provides a comprehensive individual student profile

Short Cycle Assessment Analysis & Reporting
- Affordable, customized tools that combine assessment results from disparate testing companies and provides a
  comprehensive view of student need and progress as it is happening
- Aggregation of short-cycle results with annual assessment data to measure real-time progress
- Flexible analysis of all combinations of demographic, subgroup and benchmark categories helps allocate resources based on facts
- Identify and respond to individual student needs during the current school year - not the following year
- Use data to understand areas requiring curriculum and training improvement

Easy to use, inexpensive to deploy analytical tools let you define the reports you need
- No more static reports that contain information you don't need and are missing the data that would help you drive real improvement
- Drop down menu selection reports provide dynamic district, school, grade and subgroup level views
- Easy to deploy and use Excel based format eliminates upfront hardware costs, licensing costs and training costs
- Friendly, professional support assures the success of your assessment data analysis and interpretation program
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